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Internet: high-speed soon a reality in Gabon

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Gabon, as several countries of Central Africa, invests in telecommunications. For these countries, digital economy remains a determining factor for their development. During the « TransformAfrica » Summit held in Kigali (Rwanda) in 2013, the Gabonese president, Ali Bongo indicated that Gabon will participate in the project of Central African countries connecting to dorsal high-speed. According to the local press, Gabon will sign on 15th October contracts that will launch the connecting works facilitating life to several thousand Gabonese.

« If we want to change life of our fellow countrymen, we should make of ICTS big priority« , indicated President Ali Bongo Ondimba during the « TransformAfrica » Summit. Indeed according to figures published by the country, 497 371 inhabitants over 1, 6 million living in Gabon are connected to Internet in 2012. At that time, they did not enjoy multiple advantages of the high-speed.

For Ali Bongo who grants a particular importance to digital economy in his Emergent Gabon ambitious plan, the connection of his country to the high-speed is imperative. « The vision of the Gabonese government consists, at first, in building digital infrastructures of world rank which will allow to insert Gabon at the heart of the information and communication society, meaning to make so that the whole territory is irrigated by optical fiber infrastructures and connect the country, in a safe way, to countries of the sub-region and to the world Internet« , specified Ali Bongo.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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