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Mmusi Maimane: South African Barack Obama

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Young man (33 years old), dynamic, innovative, the candidate of Democratic Alliance (South Africa ) for the coming provincial elections of 7th May in Johannesburg district, is seducing many people. Always smiling, Mmusi Maimane has all the necessary to fascinate his electorate. The man, strongly inspired by the American president Barack Obama, is walking in the steps of his idol.

Barack Obama, for his election in 2008, strongly counted on Internet and social networks in particular. Mmusi Maimane is doing the same. The rising star of South Africa is an enthusiast of communication new technologies ICTS. For his campaign, he shot a clip that is currently making buzz on YouTube.

The candidate who aims at the head of Johannesburg and later the presidency of Republic, easily fund his slogan. « Believe » that is simply the famous « Yes We can » of Obama, said in other words.

« We want to make a refreshing and new campaign for South Africa: our slogan is there to restore the hope arisen from liberation of 1994 [the fist democratic election], not to copy Obama« , the South African thus defended himself

ANC, the Blacks’ historic political party of South Africa is divided today more than ever. Executives of the party, close to Nelson as Mandela Ronnie Kasrils, simply called on boycott of the ballot. The Anglican archbishop Desmond Tutu asserted several times that he will not vote any more for ANC. This situation can also facilitate the entry Mmusi Maimane in the highest office.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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