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Sana Bob: the artist of Burkina Faso talking about «our era»

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The 5th opus by the musician of Burkina Faso, Sana Bob, baptized: « Notre temps » is henceforth available on the disc market.

Fully recorded in live in three studios of the capital town of Burkina Faso and in Belgium, the album of 12 songs was launched on Monday in Ouagadougou.

It got the touch of famous arrangers as Sam Etienne Zongo, Zackaria Mamboué. We could find titles as « Naasar naam », « Toum sambe », « Sauvez le sahel« , « Ya pa la monnaie« , etc.

According to the artist, the recording of the work would have required a budget of 20 million FCFA.

Among others themes tackled on the album, unemployment, poverty, money, laxity and favoritism by the Africa leaders, etc.

Through « Notre temps« , the singer intends to tackle citizens about the unfortunate events that undermine our society.

The promotion of the album will be made through a next tour in Ivory Coast and Belgium, before landing in his native Burkina.

The work of Sana Bob is characterized by reggae mixed with traditional and modern instruments tones with a strong content of Sahelian blues mixed with « wedbiné, yaarma » taken from the Mossi land (majority ethnic group in Burkina Faso).


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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