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Smart Grid: to assure power freedom of Africa

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Smart-Grid-Invest-2The actors of energy seem to find the effective solution to the untimely power cut in Africa for the coming years.
During an African forum on « Smart Grid » having come to an end last Friday in Ivory Coast capital town, the participants coming from 28 countries of Africa, Asia and Europe, supported by a group of 23 experts suggested at the end of this meeting the need of this system of electrification to assure « power freedom » of Africa.
According to the explanations of the experts, Smart Grid or intelligent electricity network is a recent concept which appeared in Europe in the middle of 2000s.
The system of Smart Grid answers the challenges of electricity consumption increase, the development of electricity production from renewable energies and the reduction of CO2 emission.
The participants, among others, discussed about the electricity production, the distribution, the management of the request in electricity and the storage of energy as well as energy-customer services.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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