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Togo: Foufoumix announced on the regional market

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Second prize-winner of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (PIA 2014), the Togolese inventor and industrialist, Logou Minsob, shifts into higher gear in the production and the distribution of the Foufoumix machines. The machine to make foufou (a dish very appreciated in West Africa) is henceforth made at assembly-line, what allows the promoter producing about one hundred daily.

In spite of this success, Logou Concept has difficulty in satisfying the demand. The company that has been working on shareholders’ equity since its creation will soon benefit from the support of partners soon. « We will very soon have supports from certain financial institutions (in April), this problem is going to be settled« , declared Logou Minsob in an exclusive interview granted to Africa Top Success.

The Togolese entrepreneur henceforth targets the sub-regional market. The foufou (a dish prepared with tubers) is consumed in western Africa and in some Central and East countries of Africa. Foufoumix will thus find takers on the continent. It is moreover the reason why he received the prize for the invention with high commercial potential at the PIA 2014.

« In the short term, we hope of covering the regional market. Today we are essentially based in Togo, our country of origin. Despite the fact we are based here, the demand always exceeds the offer. We will have supports from some financial institutions (in April), this problem is going to be settled.

People come from countries as Benin, Ghana, to buy the product here and if we play a policy of closeness, we will sell a lot and we will much more solve the problem of people who make of foufou their everyday dish« , declared Logou Minsob.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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