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Togo: the youth, architect of their own destiny

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In front of the saturation of the market of employment, entrepreneurship remains nowadays an effective solution for the problems of underemployment and unemployment mainly in Africa.

Conscious of the situation, the Togolese government multiplies initiatives to bring the youth to take its fate in its own hand.

It is in this context that a forum aiming to make sensitive the young people and encourage them to entrepreneurship was held from 13th to 14th December 2014 in Lomé.

The meeting was an opportunity for the youth to benefit from the experiences of investors, business managers, of how to create one’s own business and how to do the marketing.

According to Mrs. Cina Lawson (photo), the minister of the post offices and the digital economy, « the forum participates in the building of Togo and constitutes an opportunity for the young people« .

« The reconstruction of the country constitutes an opportunity for the young people in the creation phase in the strategic domains, starting by agriculture and business« , declared Mrs. Lawson.

This forum that is for its 2nd edition, is organized in association with the ministry of the grassroots development, the craft industry and the employment for the youth.

Held in 2013, the 1st edition dedicated two prize-winners with their Lifebook projects.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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