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Yeelenpix: the first picture library of Africa

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« A different way of showing African reality« , such is the objective that set by Moussa Fofana and his friend Alex Poblah, Maguette MBow and Céline Crespin by launching one year ago the start-up Yeelenpix. Composed of words Light and Pixel, Yeelenpix is the first world picture library aimed at Africa which got a real success.

Africa is not only pictures of wars, famines and diseases passing on Internet international channels. In order to set up the other image of forward-looking Africa, the Ivory Coast entrepreneur Moussa Fofana got the great idea to create a data bank 100 % African.

« This project was long and difficult to set up, but with my team, we did not give up. We supported ourselves, we worked hard to get to this point », indicated Moussa Fofana in an interview granted to

For the new version of the site of Yeelenpix, the team was strengthened with 44 photographers. According to Moussa Fofana, his platform has 10 000 pictures, a part of which only is displayed online. On the site of the start-up, pictures are listed by categories (tourism, nature, eduction, politics, animals, architectures…) and sold at « soft » prices according to the promoter.

Considering himself as an Afro optimistic, Moussa is happy to participate in the development of his continent. « I am conscious of African difficulties but beyond everything, Africa abounds and contains very beautiful assets and a new positive dynamics. I wanted to value them and see them illustrating on commercial documents of companies, web sites, media but also blogs or simply give to it, access to the general public. It is the advantage of the digital format, each and every one can be served as wished », he explained.

Kindly note that the project was personally financed by its creators and does not benefits from any help until then. « Yeelenpix has its only associates as investors. Nevertheless we are in contact with possible investors for a fund rising », specified Fofana.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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