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15th Summit of Francophony: Senegal wants « a popular success »

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Senegal will accommodate from November, 29th and 30th 2014, the 15th summit of Francophony. The organizing country is planning to make of this international meeting « a popular success ». It was in this context that Friends Group of Francophony (GAF) organized last Sunday a ramble that crossed several streets of Dakar.

« I call on everybody to mobilize for the success of this summit because president Macky Sall would like to make of this summit a popular meeting. We really want a popular summit and it requires a large participation of populations », indicated Nicolas Fataki Lungele Mussambya chairman of GAF, satisfied with movement made by the population.

« I believe the summit planned in Senegal will be a very important summit. We have many ambitions so that this summit becomes a very great stage in the walking of Francophony in general (…) Every year, we organize this day and there, we are very satisfied considering the strong mobilization of this morning », he clarified.

Maguèye Touré, the director of Francophony at Senegalese ministry of Culture and Patrimony announced for the occasion a series of « activities that are going to give rhythm to walking towards the 15th summit of the Francophony. »

For reminder, a third mission of International Organization of Francophony validated a few days ago, terms of reference and the logo of the summit. « Stage after stage, Senegal is passing the step on all responsibilities that are conferred to us in the approach of Dakar summit », indicated Ousmane Paye, steering committee chairman of OIF Heads of States and governments meeting.

The 14th summit of Francophony was held in 2012 in Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC).


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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