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E-business: Congolese group 242 Industry launched their labels

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They chose Internet to promote their music (Rap) and they did not regret it. The Congoleses Fajjakir, Büshi and Nick NiZa of 242 Industry group based in Dakar (Senegal) did not wait for the support of a showbiz tycoon before getting known. Thanks to social networks, the group made reputation both in Senegal and in their native Congo.

Author of « Clash and Egotrip » (2010), « The inedits » (2011 ) and mixtape « No limit » in 2012, 242 Industry is making at present their promotion on the Web with Web projects. The group recently launched the label « MPANGUI MUSIC/MPANGUI FILMS », a production structure in charge of video clips production. In March 2014, they produced « AFRICAIN ‘ART « , a Web program that was successful at the fans of the group.

242 Industry is also author of «RAP NA BISSO», an on-line plateform specialised in urban music production in Africa.

In spite of the success of their initiatives on Internet, the group does not exclude a next return to classic communication systems. « At present, the only project is to continue with the promotion of our mixtape, meaning organizing stages and making tour of media, because we do not want of a mixtape that dies on Internet », indicated the group in an interview granted to the site.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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