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Ebola: Dakar explores the research tracks for treatments and vaccines

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Researchers and medical experts have been in conclave since Monday in Dakar, Senegal around a forum on the African voice and leadership to accelerate the evaluation of the potential of treatments and vaccines of the Ebola virus in West Africa. The news was reported on Tuesday by the site, Rewmi.

With 8429 deaths and 21.296 sick persons within one year according to the last discount by the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus disease continues raging in West Africa, underlined the on-line newspaper.

So, for the managing director for the West-African Organization of Health (Ooas), « the situation in the region is still worrisome« .

For Xavier Crespin, additional efforts must be done in countries affected by the epidemic. Although Ooas deployed 118 agents in three countries the most affected by the Ebola virus disease, it is necessary for the West-African researchers to be interested in the health problems.

To say that it is necessary in this part of Africa, an envireonment facilitating the development and the production of vaccines and medicines.

In a forum on « the African voice and leadership for the acceleration of the evaluation of treatments and vaccine against Ebola« , Dr Xavier Crespin advocates « the implementation of a research centers regional network with about fifty institutions« .

In this way, Pr. Souleymane Mboup supports the set up of a group of research with a very fast rhythm that makes every effort in order to work out a vaccine and clinical tests of medicines.

The chairman of the African Network for the research on the AIDS, considering the exceptional situation of Ebola, estimates « morally justifiable to proceed to experimental interventions« , even if we do not know the side effects.

But, for Souleymane Mboup, in addition to these current experimental researches, we should « share all the data of these researches before their large-scale use« .

And for him, this forum is the opportunity of elaborating common positions on the numerous questions related to medical and ethical order raised by the Ebola virus disease.

He so exhorts political leaders and West-African researchers to harmonize their point views in order to optimize the research for solutions and take the disease under control.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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