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Sense Ebola Follow up: the solution against Ebola

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The « Sense Ebola Follow up » application could be the solution to reduce the spreading of the Ebola virus disease in Africa. Having proved itself in Nigeria, the application, invented by the Ehealth Africa NGO, is deployed today in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, countries still affected by the virus.

One of the advantages of the small software is the reduction of the detection time of the disease. « Before the implementation of this tool, when a suspected case was identified, an average of 72 hours were necessary to find people who were in contact with person, make them take tests and obtain the results (…) We reduced the time between the detection and the results from 72 hours to about 2 hours », explained to the Le Monde newspaper, Evelyn Castle, co-founder of the Ehealth Africa NGO, promoter of the application.

The device contains a GPS which, according to Evelyn Castle, allows tracing the potentially contaminated people and obtaining « numerically the results certified from analyses without having to wait that a taxi comes back from a laboratory, what can be much long. »

The NGO benefits from the financial support of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the American agency, CDC (Center for Desease Control and Prevention) for the multiplication of the devices.

The « Sense Ebola Follow up » application is invented by the Americans Evelyn Castle and Adam Thomson settled down in Africa since 2009. Their innovation was rewarded in March 2015 by the Netexplo monitoring center.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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