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Paul Biya: is he as wealthier as supposed?

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« Cameroon: Paul Biya among the top 10 wealthiest African Heads of States in 2014 according to the ranking by Forbes« , this is the title of the article that stirs up controversy particularly in Cameroon. Forbes rejects for its part the paternity of such a ranking.

In a communiqué published on Thursday, 9th October 2014, the group denounces the publication of this article by a Cameroonian information site and then relayed by other media of the country.

The article indicates that Paul Biya is the 5th wealthiest president in Africa in 2014 with a fortune estimated at 200 million US dollars.

In the communiqué, the Manager of Forbes Africa, Michel Lobé Ewané, informs the opinion and the press that « Forbes has never published a ranking on the wealthiest Heads of State of Africa« .

For Michel Lobé Ewane, no ranking of this kind is available on www.forbes.com site. After checking by Journalducameroun.com, the fortune that would belong to African Presidents was rather published on www.richestlifestyle.com that « has no link with Forbes Media Group« , specified Manager of Forbes Africa.

Michel Lobé Ewane qualifies « the so-called ranking » published in the name of Forbes of « opinion manipulation and the worse, the use of the fame and the credibility of Forbes magazine for ill-intentioned objectives« .

Find the complete article here (French version)


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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