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Press freedom: Burkina Faso, Nr1 of French-speaking Africa

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Press freedom remains one of the fundamental principles of democracy. And Burkina Faso turns out to be a good example.

In spite of the sociopolitical crisis occurred in Burkina Faso, the journalists more or less freely did their job.

In its report 2015 on the state of the press freedom in the world, the Reporters Without Borders (RWB) NGO lists Burkina Faso in the front row of French-speaking countries of Africa.

In the world ranking, the country of the honest People stands in the 46th position as in 2013 and 2012. It is followed by Niger (47th) that gains one position with regard to last year.

At the African level, Namibia raises itself to the 1st row by gaining five positions and is listed 17th in the world ranking, followed then by Ghana (22nd) sending Cape Verde (36th) back to the 3rd African position.

Among the important progress regarding press freedom, there are Ivory Coast (86th) that gains 15 positions, Madagascar also gains 17 positions and is classified 64th.

The report is published in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Arab and Farsi). It is established thanks to hundreds of correspondents, journalists and experts of the media, researchers, jurists and activists of human rights. This work by RWB aims to be the result of a daily follow-up of exactions committed against press freedom.

We should note that the data collected during a whole year concern the degree of the violence towards the journalists, the state of the pluralism, the independence of the media, the working conditions of journalism and the self-censorship, the performance of the legal environment, the transparency of institutions and the quality of infrastructures supporting the production of news.

The ranking 2015 by RWB is coupled with analyses on topical subjects.


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