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Showbiz: Alif Naaba of Burkina Faso won the 14th Golden Kunde

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The 14th edition of Kunde, the event that rewards showbiz actors of Burkina Faso ended on 25th April with the coronation of Alif Naaba. The artist of Burkina Faso won the Golden Kundé, the most desired prize in front of Bil Aka Kora and Marian Rovane. Author of four albums, Alif Naaba succeeded to Dez Altino, prize-winner of 2013.

« I dedicate this trophy to my mother and to Sante Thérèse orphanage of Loumbila (20 km in the North of Ouagadougou). Thanks to you who believed in me. It is 10 years since you have believed in my albums. Each of my albums is a part of the life of this country now. I wish music Burkina Faso was prosperous forever », declared the winner.

Alif Naaba is an artist composer, singer and musician. He has a musical style peculiar to him. The artist skilfully combines Jazz, pop-folk song and traditional music moagha. His very first album Regards Métis came out in 1999. In 2005, he brought out Foo, his second album. Wakat (2009) and Yiki (2013) are the last two albums of the Goodwill Ambassador of Sainte Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus Orphanage of Loumbila.

As Africa Top Success announced it, candidates of Kunde 2014 were classified in 14 categories.  The category « The best featuring of Burkina-Faso« , the innovation added to the list, was won by Awa Nadia and Dicko Fils.

The 10 main prizes

Golden Kundé: Alif Naaba

kundé of the best traditional artist: Bamogo de Nobéré

The best artist of religious modern music: Sister Anne Marie Kaboré

The best modern song of traditional inspiration: Alif Naaba

Kundé of the artist the most played night clubs: Floby

The best video clip: Smarty

The best featuring of the year of Burkina Faso: Awa Nadia and Dicko Fils

The revelation of the year: Fifou

The best hope: Wéto

The best feminine artist: Rovane


The 4 special Prizes

Kundé of the best artist of Burkina Faso diaspora: Humanist group of France

The best artist of West Africa: Serge Bénaud

The best artist of Central Africa: Wérason

The best featuring of African integration: Tiness (Burkina Faso) and Serge Bénaud (Ivory Coast)

 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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