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Accueil / Country / West Africa / Burkina Faso / Tiken Jah Fakoly: «Dernier appel», his new album coming out on 2nd June.

Tiken Jah Fakoly: «Dernier appel», his new album coming out on 2nd June.

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On 2nd June 2014, Ivory Coast artist Tiken Jah Fakoly will proceed to official launch of « Dernier appel » (The last call), his new album. The reggae icon remained faithful to his principles. He one more time reaffirmed his commitment by Africains sides.  Contrary to « African revolution » the previous album of the artist accessible to all (golden disk in France), « Dernier appel » has gone back to the origins of Reggae with brass instruments, big basses and skank.

« Purists who supported me at the beginning looked a little lost. They called on to us and we decided to come back to this sound; it is not a problem because it is what we can do. We kept the same art director and the same director as African Revolution ». We found the right balance: those who loved « African Revolution » will find themselves in, and those who were also disappointed », indicated the artist in an interview granted to

For Tiken Fakoly, no way to stop the fight as long as objectives will not be reached. One more time, he called on Africans to face up to their responsibilities. « I ask them to take their responsibility. Not by breaking, I would never ask anybody to break in order to be listened to. In Africa, we need to restart everything. We do not need to break but we can have ideas, get closer, lead fights together … We can be listened by authorities in a different way », explained the artist categorically against anarchy.

« I tell Africans that they should respect our institutions: an elected head of state has to be sure that it is not soldiers who are going to remove him, it is not them who put him there. A head of state should not sit on a stool but rather in an armchair », he continued.

1996 : Mangercratie
1999 : Cours d’histoire n°190 France
2000 : Le Caméléon n°97 France
2002 : Françafrique n°23 France
2004 : Coup de gueule n°19 France
2007 : L’Africain, n°4 France, n°41 Suisse
2008 : Live à Paris, n°63 France
2010 : African Revolution, Universal Music

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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