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Adama Dahico: «Proud to have participated to presidential elections 2010»

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During the ceremony of coming out of his last album 100 % reggae last Wednesday in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast humorous artist Adama Dahico indicated that he is proud to have participated in the presidential election of 2010 of his country.

« I was a candidate for the presidential elections, the first Ivory Coast artist who dared », the defeated candidate for this election supported by specifying that his mission within the framework of this election, was to relax the atmosphere and bring give enjoyment.

For him, it is a duty of a citizen to take part in an election. «And it was what I did», underlined Dahico who added: «I did not regret to have participated in a presidential election».

The boss of « maquis Doromikan » said to have henceforth, a new mission: advocating reconciliation between people on Ivory Coast.

The latter regretted numerous deaths caused during post-election crisis.

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