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Fespaco 2015: «Timbuktu» or the great forgotten

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The success of « Timbuktu« , the movie by the Mauritanian director, Abderrahman Sissako, did not impress the Jury of the 24th Fespaco that ended on Saturday, 7th March 2014 in the Burkinabe capital town.

The movie that scraped seven (7) over eight (8) Oscar in Paris a few days ago, was almost unnoticed at the greatest meeting of the African cinema. After the debates related to the withdrawal of the movie from the competition, the work that evokes the attack of the North of Mali, will finally be projected at the Fespco 2015.

If the director himself was satisfied with the welcome reserved for his production, it was not the same for the Jury chaired by the Ghanaian film-maker, Kwaw Ansah. « Timbuktu« , far from taking winning the « Gold standard« , should satisfy itself with the prize of the best scenery and the best music; too small for a movie that even seduces in Hollywood.

For some specialists of the African cinema met behind the scenes of the festival, the movie by the Mauritanian director answers more to the taste of the West (ignoring the realities of Africa) than that of the African populations.

Le Monde Newspaper considers for part that the « Jury deliberately ignored Timbuktu« .


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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