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South Africa: delivery of 8 nuclear reactors planned for 2023

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South Africa will be the first country of the continent to be equipped with a nuclear power plant of Russian manufacturing. The second economic power of Africa and the most industrialized country of the continent signed a governmental agreement with Russia concerning the building of eight nuclear reactors. Reactors estimated at 40 billion dollars will have a total power of 9.600 MW and will be operational in 2023.

Russia will deliver by 2023, eight (8) nuclear reactors to South Africa according to a communiqué from the Russian Agency for the atomic energy, Rosatom. The cost of the project is estimated between 31 and 38 billion euros. Apart from the building of the nuclear power plant, Russia will also propose trainings to African specialists in the Russian universities.

The Eight reactors will allow South Africa to end up with the multiple power cuts slowing down economic activities. « I am convinced that the partnership with Russia will allow South Africa to realize its ambitious creation program by 2030 of new nuclear power plants on the basis of a modern and reliable technology« , indicated the South African Minister of energy, Tina Joemat-Pettersson.

The new agreement between South Africa and Russia will slow down the ambitions of the French, Areva that built the unique nuclear power plant of the country and that intends to detain the monopoly of this market.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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