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Boubacar N’diaye: among the builders of the African economy

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If the African economic growth should reach 5,0 % in 2015 compared with 4,7 % last year as predicted it by the UNO World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014, it is thanks to the tenacity of entrepreneurs, businessmen, business managers, companies and African economic and financial institutions, but also the best talents of the African Diaspora as well as the large-scale international investors.

Twenty five (25) African economy actors the most deserving were rewarded during last Friday in Abidjan during the 6th edition of « The builders of the African economy » project initiated in 2006.

They came from Ivory Coast, Morocco, Senegal, France, Rwanda, Colombia, Benin, Hong-Kong, Algeria, the United States, Cameroon, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Angola, Togo, Tanzania and Guinea Bissau.

At the award ceremony, it is the Senegalese Boubacar N’diaye, the ADB honorary chairman who won the Grand Prix.

Former chairman of this Pan-African financial institution from 1985 to 1995, Ndiaye is known to have played a key role in the positioning of the Bank in the front row of financing institutions of the development in Africa; this, through its various initiatives and achievements.

In fact, Babacar N’diaye was the initiator of a series of important financial and operational measures in favor of the African private sector among which: the African Businessmen Round Table, the creation of the African Bank for import-export (Afreximbank) and the setting up of a special easy financing for the African private sector (investors and entrepreneurs) without the guarantee of their governments.

« This initiative is very wonderful and audacious« , estimated Mr. N’diaye.

For Michel Russel Lohoré, the promoter of the event, « this event is the legend one. It is the best tray of the builders of the African economy consecration« .

The initiator receives in his turn all the congratulations from the Ivorian minister of Post office and information technologies, sponsor of this edition.

Quoted by his representative, « Michel Russel Lohoré has done a lot for the promotion of the African economy« .

« Mr Lohoré has given us the opportunity to celebrate the construction of Africa; today, the development challenges are located in Africa« , added Mr. Koné.


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