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Employment of the youth: African countries defuse « the time bomb »

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27 African countries were in reflection from 31st March to 1st April in Abidjan to find sustainable solutions to employment problem of young people. Introduced by inter-country quality pole in the domain of technical and professional skills development in association with the Association for Education Development in Africa (ADEA), this meeting allowed the participating country to share their best experiences on the subject.

The quality of the trainings adapted to employment market, the insertion of young people and jobs creation are among others, the proposed solutions to the problem of young people that Ivory Coast Minister of Employment, Moussa Dosso qualified of time bomb.

« They are urgent objectives if we want to put an end to social and economic exclusion of young people and to make them come out of joblessness, underemployment and poverty that are « time bombs », capable of weakening our societies, otherwise to make them fall into violence and conflicts », indicated the minister.

The results of the works of this meeting will be presented in the course the year 2014 to the ministers in charge of the sector and to partners.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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