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Ivory Coast: making of pupils, eco-citizens

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The initiative is praiseworthy and could be extended to other regions of Ivory Coast. The town of San Pedro, in order to incite pupils to environmental protection, launched a competition called « Competition of the cleanest school ». The competition gathers 11 schools of the town and received the support of the Regional Office of Education and Technical Training (DRENET).

Keep schools clean and make of pupils defenders of environment, such are the objectives that pursued the project « Competition of the cleanest school. » The first stage of the initiative will end on 11th April. Before this date, schools in competition have to show cleanliness in order hope winning title involved in the competition.

« Our objective through this partnership environment and passion at the heart of healthiness in our schools is to make of our children eco-citizens, meaning people whose attitudes and capacities will be resolutely directed to environmental protection and preservation of nature », declared the regional director Education and Technical Training of San Pedro, Kongathié Abraham. He underlined environmental problems from which his country is suffering before indicating the contribution of this project regarding health of population.

In order to make sure of good progress of the project, the five members of the jury made a lightning visit in schools to judge the level of cleanliness of classrooms, teachers’ rooms, courtyard and toilets.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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