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Hotel « Noom Abidjan »: the WADB has pumped 6 billion FCFA in the building project

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Noom Abidjan

The West African Development Bank (WADB) is actively taking part in the construction project of the 4-star hotel « Noom Abidjan » in Ivory Coast


The institution has just granted six (6) billion FCFA to finance Chain Hotel Abidjan SA company. The agreement was signed last Wednesday, 7th May in Lomé. Documents were signed by Christian Adovelande, the chairman of the WADB and Yigo Thiam, the managing director of Teyliom International group.


Hotel « Noom Abidjan » will be realized in an environment marked by ambition of Ivory Coast authorities to strengthen and modernize hotel facilities of the country in order to promote more visits to Ivory Coast.


For Mr Adovelande, « the support of the WADB for this project confirmed our determination to work more in hotel business, the sector that represents big challenges in our sub-region in terms of increasing of accommodation facilities and the raising of their standings ».


We should note that the loan for 6 billion FCFA granted to Chain Hôtel Abidjan AS company, brought to 557 billion FCFA, the global volume of commitments from the Bank in Ivory Coast among which 257 billion FCFA francs to finance the private sector.


Being delighted at this financial action of the WADB, the managing director of the profitable company of this loan asserted that « the presence of the WADB beside the company for its expertise turned out into hotel sector, represents a guarantee of the relevance of our projects in the sub-region and reassures other financing institutions and commercial banks facilitating thus the finishing of the global financial plan of our projects ».


For a global cost of 29 billion FCFA, this hotel will count 179 rooms of various standings. It will be operational up from the second quarter 2016.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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