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Shea butter: the secret of success of sisters Tawema.

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They did not look far for raw materials of their industry. Sister Carole and Glwadys Tawema are producing shea butter, a rapidly growing economic activity. Both Beninese sisters created in 2005, Karethic Company specialized in Production, packaging, marketing of shea butter and its by-products. They also give trainings in this domain. Bio cosmetics are not secrets for these young African ladies.

Both girls of the former Minister and adviser of Mathieu Kerekou wished to give a social touch to their activity. Karethic employs on average 500 producers gathered within 12 group. The company also signs fair contracts with collectors.

Carole and Glwadys decided to fully invest in organic products having met Didier Pérréol, boss of Ekibio group. Both sisters chose the right way. Their Kharetic soap received in 2013, the best organic product prize. According to Jeune Afrique magazine, four other products of the company were just rewarded this year by Cosmetics Monitoring center.

The products of the company are sold in Africa, in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. Karethic realized in 2013 a turnover of 150 000 euros. The company is not willing to stop in so successful way. It announced to venture into food processing domain with the marketing of products out of organic honey. « The honey we are going to propose you very soon has this precious character because it has an impact on the activity in shea industry and simply because it is the very rare honey that has a very particular taste », indicated Carole, founding director of Karethic.

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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