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Which cell phone contracts will be the best for frequent surfers in 2021?

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If you are interested in a new cell phone contract and use the Internet very frequently, especially when you are on the move, you are a frequent surfer. Today, the intensity of Internet use is the decisive factor in choosing the right rate. If you’re not careful, you’ll pay much more than you need to.

Who is the frequent surfer rate suitable for?

With a cell phone contract at Yourfone, customers have the chance to select the data volume per month that will be consumed, in addition to a suitable smartphone. This refers to the gigabytes needed to access websites, read emails, watch videos, stream music and movies. Whether for work, leisure or private use, if the smartphone is available on a daily basis or the tariff is coupled with the tablet or with the laptop, users quickly reach a high data consumption per month. Especially if you are using the internet for streaming movies or playing casino games using sites like

When am I a frequent surfer?

Frequent surfers include users who use their smartphone every day, for example, to stream video conferences at work and regularly watch movies and series. Anyone who surfs the Internet for more than two hours a day should take a look at the current rates. Some of the leading providers focus on users who need a particularly large amount of data volume per month. This means that users are among the frequent surfers and have the chance to use 20 GB or 25 GB per month. It can also be assumed that these consumption rates will continue to rise in the coming years.

What happens when the data volume is reached?

Those who have opted for a certain data volume, for example 5 GB or 2 GB, can surf at full LTE speed until they reach the data limit. From then on, the provider throttles the surfing speed enormously. Loading pages takes much longer and it is hardly possible to watch a movie smoothly. Some rates offer the option of booking additional data volume to get back to the normal surfing speed. This booking option is often significantly more expensive than if the user opted for a frequent surfer rate right away.

What advantages can switching to a frequent surfer rate have?

Not only the data volume is part of the frequent surfer rate. Local network coverage on the road should also play a role for a provider. In principle, users benefit from EU roaming with the leading providers throughout Germany. Accordingly, the smartphone can be booked and used at the same conditions in other EU countries as it is in Germany. This protects users from excessive bills and excessive charges, as has often been the case in recent years. Some providers even offer a bonus if customers take their own phone number with them. As such, no problems arise for users when switching. The number can be used as before, and app data is also transferred from one device to the other without any problems.

Preparation, signing up for a rate plan, and a suitable smartphone

Most customers not only want a low-cost rate with a high data volume, but also a modern smartphone. In most cases, providers include the price of the new smartphone in the monthly charges. Others charge a monthly rate parallel to the contract, which is also collected from the account. For this purpose, the future user fills out a direct debit agreement. After a positive check of the loan register, the cell phone and the rate can be activated and used in the future without any problems.

Optionally, there are discounts when taking over new rates or extending a rate, in terms of monthly prices in the first year or when it comes to additional gigabytes of data volume per month. Basically, it is worth taking a look at the offers from the different rate providers to decide on the best one.

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