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Togo: 41 new committed American volunteers

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Forty-one new American volunteers from the Peace Corps took an oath last Thursday in Lomé.

After this act of commitment, these new volunteers will thus be deployed for two years in the five economic regions of the country in order to share their skills with the local communities.

Over these 41 volunteers, 16 will be put at the disposal of the community healthcare department, 13 are going to teach English and education related to the genre and 12 will work in the environmental action and food safety domains.

According to the United States of America Ambassador in Togo, Mr. Robert Whitehead, the Peace Corps volunteers are in partnership with the National Program for Voluntary service in Togo (PROVONAT).

We should note that this group of volunteers has received training for several weeks with their host family for language learning and adaptation.

This training allowed them during the ceremony of swearing-in to easily express themselves in local languages (Tachamba, Adja, Nawdum, Kabye, Tem, Ewe, Ife, Lamba, Anufo, Bassar, Kokomba, Moba, etc.).

These volunteers can carry out trainings in malaria prevention and treatment and sports activities.

With the support of the Embassy, they will manage the organization of the various national camps intended to the Togolese young people in order to discuss important themes as environmental protection, food safety, genre equity and many more.

For his part, the Minister of the territorial administration, decentralization and local authorities, Gilbert BAWARA, indicated that « the Togolese government that has been welcoming these volunteers for 52 years is delighted at efforts of the latter and at the excellence of the relations between Togo and the USA« .

He reassured the profound gratitude of the Togolese government for the initiative of strengthening Peace Corps volunteers’ team in Togo.

The Peace Corps is present in 139 countries since its creation, among which, Togo that is one of the very first States to welcome these volunteers.

Since 1962, more than 2.600 Peace Corps missions periodically have come to work in Togo.

Every volunteer dedicates two years of his life to work with local communities.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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