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Djibouti: African summit of Internet is at its height

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« Beyond connection: interconnection for the development of Africa », this is the theme under which was opened in Djibouti last Sunday until the next 6th June, the African summit of Internet.

This big meeting is a platform where the main development constraints to which Africa is confronted will be analyzed in a commercial environment in order to meet the needs of operators in Africa.

The African summit of the Internet combines thus a series of technical trainings, conferences, and networking of the Internet industry.

It is annually organized by African countries in partnership with African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) and African Network Operators (AFNOG).

On the margin of the summit, discussions and debates are planned around the new innovations regarding technology and services of Internet protocol (IP) on which emerging industries are based such as television on IP (IPTV) and mobile high-speed.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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