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Dounia Boutazout: the Moroccan comic! Queen of buzz…

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Dounia Boutazout was born on June 13th, 1981 in Casablanca, Morocco. She started her comedian career at theater, within Tensift troupe- She acted in several plays of which « Kif Touier Tar », « Naker lehsane » – she was successful with the series “L’Couple”. During the Ramadan month, 82 % of Moroccans watched at least an episode! She would also have become a journalist. – She has a Bachelor’s degree.

But she owes her success to countrymen couple she formed with Kabbour – Hassan El Fad-who was greatly successful on TV Chanily.

She was also known with other popular series: « Okba lik », « Jouha ya Jouha » and « Dima Jirane ».

« Theater is my background as I had a diploma in this art. It is also theater that allowed me to express and to make my talent known; it also taught me the ethics of the profession. I have much respect for this business and I do all necessaries in order to act in a play at least every two years. »

She already had in mind the play of which she is dreaming to adapt: « Mère, courage » (courage, mother) that tells the story of a mother who was trading with her children in wartime to survive and to defend her land. I hope to interpret this role on stage, to be able to express the way I feel through this character. I hope that I would find within the troupe « Tensift » a way to introduce this role. »

She got very nice proposals from Qatar and from the Unites Arab Emirates but she did not find herself in the roles that were proposed to her and she did not want to break her values for glory and fortune: she embodies the traditional Moroccan woman who is attached a lot to the values. It was this kind of roles that were worth to her admiration and respect from the public and she does not want to disappoint her fans.

Dounia Boutazout does not draw her energy from sport: « my physical appearance suits me, my body easily adapts itself and moreover, I am full of energy, I then move a lot. »

She admits to be a real greedy of life in general and of food: « I like cakes very much and salty dishes. »

Maybe a day will come when she will be presenting a TV program, where of course humor will be present…

2006 : Chanely TV
2010 : Jouha ya Jouha
2010 : Okba Lik
2011 : Dima Jirane
2012 : Yak Hna Jirane
2013 : L’Couple

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