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Africa is moving: the feminine Diaspora playing their role in Paris

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African women from the Diaspora intend to actively take part in the economic growth of the continent.

And they mobilize themselves in order to play their role on the occasion of the first Economic Forum of the African women from the Diaspora that will be held on 30th September and 1st October 2014 at ENA (National Administration School) in Paris under the theme: « Diagnosis of entrepreneurship in women through the French-speaking Africa compared with Europe »

Introduced by the of the African Women Organization from the Diaspora (OFAD), it is a business meeting within the framework of a wide network of African and European women in order to promote their activities, create and seize opportunities in Africa but also a space of information, exchanges of experiences, debates and advice for women entrepreneurs who wish to create or to develop their companies in Africa.

It is also an opportunity of meeting investors, financiers and experts in sponsoring that are interested in Africa and in projects carried by the women.

Several sub-themes will be tackled during Round Tables throughout two days of the meeting. Among others:

– « Being a woman and developing her activity abroad: exchanging experiences and practices between African, French women and others from the Maghreb »

– « Supporting and financing companies created by women: banks, microcredit institutions and do investors have a new vision on the projects carried by women? Do offers meet the needs of women in Africa and Europe? »

– « How can women secure their investments in Africa? The rural entrepreneurship and women access to landed property: what legal advice? »;

– « The Diaspora and money Transfer towards Africa: is the feminine Diaspora actively involved in the development of Africa? »

– « Women from the Diaspora, Project leaders in their country of origin, what consideration? What support? What financing? »

– « The informal sector and the underground economy are dominated by women in Africa; if it creates jobs, it also develops precariousness. Formalizing the informal sector for the sustainable job creation, the role of the feminine Diaspora »

– « The role of media in the development of the feminine entrepreneurship in Africa? ».


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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