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Health and safety at workplace: Lafarge Maroc rewarded

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Lafarge Maroc has just won « Lafarge Awards Sécurité 2014 » world trophy.

This distinction crowns the efforts of the Moroccan subsidiary in the field of Safety of its co-workers and subcontractors.

Apart from this trophy, Lafarge Maroc also won other distinctions during this event organized in Barcelona.

According to the estimations from the International Labour Office (ILO), we count approximately 4 000 deaths in accidents at work in Morocco, mainly at the level of Building and public works sectors (more than 2 000 deaths / year), industry and professional transport.

In front of this situation, certain companies took several years ago, drastic measures to reduce as much as possible accidents on their sites.

It is mainly the case notably of Lafarge Maroc that, as underlined by Mr. Abdel-ileh Chouar, Director for Health and Safety of Lafarge Maroc, has taken « Safety and Health of its co-workers as its first priority and it is an objective in which participate all co-workers of the Group, from the bottom to the highest level of responsibility« .

And this work started several years ago, has given exceptional results in terms of reduction of accidents at work within the Group that annually register 6 million working hours.

In order to realize these results, the Group emphasized on sensitization and training of all co-workers and subcontractors.

This work has succeeded with the strong reduction of accidents within production units of the Group. And it is this work that was rewarded by « Lafarge Awards Sécurité 2014 » trophy won in Barcelona during a world event organized by the Lafarge Group.

« Lafarge Awards trophy rewards Moroccan efforts to develop leadership of its managers regarding Health and Safety« , pointed out Mr. Abdel-ileh Chouar.

We should note that this competition was opened to 1 636 production sites of the Lafarge Group implanted in 62 countries.


Original textby: Blaise AKAME

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