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Opinion poll: 73 % of Africans are for Presidential term limits

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An opinion poll published on 25th May by the consortium of polling organizations Afrobarometer, has revealed that 73 % of Africans are favorable to Presidential term limits to two. This figure is the result of the compilation of a series of polls that has taken place in about thirty countries of the continent since 2011.

The highest rates of African citizens that support without ambiguity the Presidential term limits to two were registered in Benin (90 %), Tanzania (87 %), Ivory Coast (86 %), Zambia (86 %), Mali (85 %) and Guinea (84 %).

Algeria is the only country concerned by the poll where the population favorable to the term limits is minority: only 44 % of Algerians were favorable to this idea.

In Burundi where the question of Pierre Nkurunziza’s new term is in the center of the current events, the public opinion has evolved it these recent years. Only 51 % of people polled were favorable to the term limits to two in 2012. They were 62 % in 2014.

Togo is an interesting scenario: according to the poll by Afrobarometer in 2014, 85 % of Togolese were favorable to the term limits. This did not prevent Faure Gnassingbé from being re-elected last April for a third term.


Original text by: Agence Ecofin

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