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YALI 2015: Obama looking 500 young African leaders

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A few months ago, more than 500 candidates already made the wonderful experience by travelling to the United States and participating in trainings within the framework of a program for the support of young African leaders introduced by the President of the United States (YALI or Young African Leaders Initiative).

These young people benefited from this program launched by Obama in 2010.

For the year 2015, Mandela Washington Fellowship Scholarship, the key program of African young leaders within the framework of YALI, was officially launched on Thursday.

Mandela Washington Fellowship that began in 2014, will gather in summer 2015 in the United States, 500 young African leaders to participate in university courses and trainings in leadership.

As reminder, the YALI 2014 scholarship holders attended a conference last July in Washington, D.C. under Barak’s Obama patronage and participated in a 6 week program in American universities.

To participate in the program, the future candidates for Mandela Washington Fellowship must be from 25 to 35 years old with excellent capacities of speaking, reading and writing English.

The application to be submitted on-line is opened until 5th November.

Any information concerning Mandela Washington Fellowship is available on youngafricanleaders.state.gov site and any possible questions can be put by e-mail through the e-mail address: yalimadagascar@state.gov


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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