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Ivory Coast: digital press requested for a calm election

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Considered as the 4th power in a country, the press its role to play during pre-election periods.

And the role that is assigned to it strongly impacts on the progress of the elections all over the world, mainly during the promotional campaign by the various candidates, enrolment, voting, vote counting and the results proclamation.

A few months ahead of the holding of the presidential elections in Ivory Coast, the Minister of the Communication, Affoussiata Bamba-Lamine, called on Wednesday, 21st January on the digital press to contribute to « calm elections » in 2015.

Elections without violence, it is what every Ivorian citizen wish the most with regards to the sad events occurred in the country four years ago.

Mrs. Bamba-Lamine issued this appeal during a meeting with the Network of the professionals of the on-line press in Ivory Coast (REPPRELCI).

The Minister of the Communication came back on the important role of this communication sector which, according to her, does a « remarkable work« .

In reply, Lassina Sermé, the vice-president of the REPPRELCI, requested a financial support from the ministry, in order « to produce a more precise result and especially edit an electronic and physical directory for the digital press of Ivory Coast ».


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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