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AgriProtein: cattles of Africa will be fed with larvae of flies

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Africa is getting ready to welcome the world biggest farm of flies. The AgriProtein start-up, winner of the edition 2013 of the Innovation Prize for Africa, discovered a technique to feed cattles with the larvae of flies.

AgriProtein succeeded in raising 11 million dollars (8,2 million euros) for the extension on industrial scale of his project for use of larvae of flies as food (rich in cattle protein). The first firm will be installed in Cape Town, South Africa. It will be endowed with a production capacity of 8,5 billion insects. A total of about forty firms will be installed according to the promoters of the project.

The concept developed with the University of Stellenbosch (province of the Western Cape) already fascinates 43 African States. It has the merit to respect the environmental standards while using plentiful raw material on the continent.

In 2013, AgriProtein grouping researchers and entrepreneurs received the amount of 100 000 USD for its innovative approach regarding nutriments recycling – a method that uses waste and larvae of flies to produce natural food for animals.

« We are eager to develop our company in order to recycle more nutriment discharges and produce natural proteins to feed breeding animals, helping so to feed our continent in a long-lasting way. It is an African contribution to the sustainable agriculture for the benefit of our planet« , declared a member of the group.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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