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Nigeria: the gorgeous El Dorado seen by Aliko Dangote.

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NigeriaHe is the richest man in Africa. Aliko Dangote – His fortune is estimated at 20 billion dollars). President and CEO of Dangote Group, is present in many business sectors as cement, food-processing industry and oil. – Here is his biography

For him, his country is a gorgeous El Dorado as he said it in a long interview to Jeune Afrique magazine and RF1.

– « We tell investors: « come into our country; there are numerous opportunities; create jobs in the country and help us to build a strong economy! »
The potential of Nigerian economy is too much kept secret!
Here, an investor can benefit from attractive incentives. Everybody can settle down here, even if they never came before. There is no discrimination.
Asia got an economic boom in 80s, India followed in 90s, then Brazil in 2000s. Today, it’s the turn of Nigeria – And the whole western Africa -, to get a strong development, with two-digit growth perspectives.
– « In our markets in full expanding, nobody can monopolize a gigantic market as Nigeria or west Africa.
Every economic actor has to behave correctly, but the « cake » is big enough for everybody. »

Even if Aliko Dangote thus believes in his country, he hopes that « in 10 or 15 years, Nigeria will represent no more than 40 % of our turnover. We try to diversify ourselves, both on geographical and sectorial plans. But there are so many opportunities here in Nigeria that we sometimes have difficulty in getting over. But when you try to increase, it is necessary to do it first « at home » before going anywhere else. »




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