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Timité Bassori: pioneer of Ivorian cinema honored in Rabat

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After the Moroccan Cinema Week held in Ivory Coast in 2013, Rabat has been hosting since Monday, 3rd November 2014, the Ivorian Cinema Week. This nice collaboration between both countries was the opportunity to restore life to full-length film « la femme à couteau » (the woman with a knife) by the Ivorian, Timité Bassori planned during the first day of the event.

Released in 1968, the 90 minute movie by the Ivorian, Timité Bassori, evokes the trauma of a young Ivorian back from Europe. The latter is confronted with the big difference existing between modernity he is accustomed to in Europe and tradition he has henceforth to live.

Timité Bassori is considered as one of the fathers of the Ivorian cinema. Born in 1933, he studies at the Institute of high film studies (IDHEC) of Paris. Before his full-length film « La femme à couteau« , he participated as actor in the realization of the of documentary series entitled « Regard d’Afrique » (Look of Africa) revealing thus his comedian’s talent.

He even was one of the main actors of « la femme à couteau » by the sides of Vieyra Mary, Diaman Emmanuel, Kouakou Bertin and Alloh Danielle. The works of the film-maker were praised in 2009 during the 12th edition of the Festival of African Cinema of Khouribga (FCAK).

Timité Bassori was requested to chair the jury of full-length film prize during the 11th National Movie Festival of Tangier and during the 17th edition of FCAK.


Original textby: Roger ADZAFO

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