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3rd Symphos: 1200 specialists of phosphate expected in Morocco

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The OCP Group organizes the third edition of the International Symposium on the Innovation and the Technology in the Industry of Phosphates, « Symphos « , from 18th to 20th May 2015 in Marrakesh under the theme « Innovation serving sustainable agriculture« .

This new edition will gather more than 1200 participants of the industry of phosphates coming from the five continents representing more than 45 countries. SYMPHOS 2015, meetings and exchanges crossroads between the major international actors of the industry of phosphates and by-products, joins the continuity of the previous two editions by more taking in account innovation serving sustainable agriculture. This edition will particularly deal themes connected with industrial processes, valuable elements, fertilizers of the future and slow & controlled releases.

Having henceforth become an international reference in the sector of phosphates, the event gives a platform favoring the diversification, the modernization and the development of the industry of phosphates as well as the support of the world agricultural development needs. The OCP Group, conscious that innovation constitutes one of the main driving forces for a reasonable and sustainable exploitation of phosphate reserves, shows through the SYMPHOS, its commitment for a sustainable and prosperous agriculture worldwide. By federating the world phosphate community to share expertise, skills and experiences, SYMPHOS pursues a major goal: contribute to bring out the ideas of tomorrow, face big challenges for the conservation of lands and resources for sustainable agriculture.

The SYMPHOS will try to examine the new techniques and technologies that can improve production systems in the phosphate industry and the conservation of the resources. It will be a question of planning the future of the industry of phosphates within the framework of an approach of sustainable development and clean technologies, exchanging around phosphate raw materials, intermediate and final products. The Moroccan model of industrial management and innovation development in the phosphate industry will be in the spotlight mainly in the domains of mines, bénéficiassions of phosphates, valuation and production of fertilizers.

This symposium represents a real networking platform and offers the opportunity to meet all the professionals of phosphates with the presence of the leading figures of the mining and processing industries. All the actors of the valuable chain will be represented: producers, consumers, traders, market analysts, engineers and technical experts. A space for exhibition of about hundred stands will also be proposed, gathering the major companies of the sector that will come to present their products, services and innovations.


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