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4th Bimod 228: Mission accomplished for Bamondi

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The fourth edition of the Biennial fashion event in Togo (BIMOD 228) reached its goals last Saturday with the brilliant fashion show marked by the presence of models and fashion designers from the whole Africa. The event that coincided with 30 years of career of the fashion designer, Blandine Sambiani-Bagnah Alias Bamondi was placed under the theme: « From a generation to the other, the shared experience« .

« The great gala evening will be the climax of this event with the display of collections, fashion designers’ masterpieces and guest creators. 20 fashion designers and 50 national and international models are expected« , it was in these words that Bamondi opened, a few days ago, the great fashion show that will put an end to the Biennial event 2014.

Accomplished mission! The fashion designers as well as the models made the public that attended the event in hotel Sarakawa of Lomé dream. The fashion designer, Desmo with « Sunlight », his futuristic collection, the suits by the Senegalese, LamineDiassé, and the cuts by Modela from Nigeria, amazed the audience.

Started since 17th November 2014, the Biennial fashion event of Togo, edition 2014, proposed workshops, fashion shows, exhibitions and round tables to fashion enthusiasts.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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