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N’Djamena: 10 movies in the spotlight at «Toumaï» festival

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Since Friday, the Chadian capital town, N’ Djamena has been at the rhythm of the International Festival of Cinema called « Toumaï« .

During three days, about ten movies will be projected at the French Institute of Chad, as well as in other rooms of N’Djamena.

Among programmings, the public will watch the last full-length film « Gris-gris » by the Chadian director, Mahamat Saleh Haroun, nominated at the 66th edition of Cannes film festival.

« Dakar trottoirs » by the Senegalese, Hubert Laba Ndao, captivating love story between two young people in this special environment of Dakar where there is confusion between surrealist characters of a paradoxical theater at the heart of the Senegalese capital town.

Explaining to the audience the legitimacy of this festival, the programming Director, Pepiang Toufdy indicated that « the mission of Toumaï Festival is to support and encourage Chadian and African film-makers and partnerships between the countries of the continent« .

He then added that « the situation of African and especially Chadian cinema remains precarious. It is thus by its nature and for its beginning, the role of the Toumaï Film Festival opens a gap in this economic censorship and favors thus the meeting of spectators with movies, which are morally and aesthetically what Africa lives, does, and dreams« .

The « Toumaï » Festival closed its doors on Sunday.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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