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West Africa: the 1st satellite platform available in September

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The West Africa media groups will launch in September 2014 the satellite platform of the sub-region. A bouquet of 42 channels will be free of charge accessible to households of this part of Africa.

The CEO of Africable, the Malian Ismaïla Sidibé, the boss of Media Plus International, the Togolese Richard Aquereburu, with other African partners will launch the first West-African satellite platform in September 2014. The initiative is beneficial because it will allow television channels to assure without any trouble the transition towards the digital technology that must be effective in 2015.

« Within this context, we offer an alternative to public authorities and to televisions because our decoders will be also compatible with the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) and because we shall cover the entire countries of West Africa, contrary to the ground infrastructures that countries have to deploy« , explained Ismaila Sidibé.

3, 5 million homes are aimed by the present project. As a reminder, the bouquet will offer except the African channels, the access to several international televisions.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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