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Aliko Dangote, une fortune estimée à 20 milliards de dollars !!!!

Africa: 55 billionaires exceeded!

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TO GO WITH AFP STORY IN FRENCH BY JACQUEAliko Dangote, a fortune estimated at 20 billion dollars!!!!

55: It is the number of billionaires in Africa, according to Ventures magazine which published the list of the happy elected representatives…

We should note that over these 55 billionaires, 20 are Nigerians. South Africa and Egypt came in the second and in the third positions, with respectively nine and eight billionaires!

The Nigerian entrepreneur Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa with a fortune of 20, 2 billion dollars. – The classification by Forbes magazine establishes every year the same report

The richest woman in Africa is also Nigerian. It is Folorunsho Alakija at the head of the oil company, Famfa Oil. After her styling studies in London, she acquired her oil block in 1993 « at a relatively low cost ». Her fortune is estimated at 3, 3 billion dollars (approximately 2, 5 billion euros)

The five biggest South African billionaires, according to this list, are white men of more than 60 years old. They all made fortune in finance and retail business and they all invested abroad.

Among them, Nicky Oppenheimer, classified fifth, whose fortune is estimated at 6, 5 billion dollars.

Africa certainly counts more and more very rich men, but regrettably as the survey can also remind it, poverty has not moved back at all.

Sub-Saharan Africa, which counted 205 million inhabitants living in a severe poverty condition (with less than 1, 25 dollar a day) in 1981, counted 414 million inhabitants in 2010, or  more than two times, according to the World Bank.

The fact remains that Africa, still according to this classification, would have more billionaires than In Latin America!


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