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Togo: CIR Togo in humanitarian campaign in far distant villages of the country

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Path difficult of access, very wet zone, thick fog hiding the sun all day long; Kpato a small village situated at some footsteps from Blifou (at 27 km from Kplimé), shows at first sight signs of a hostile environment. Behind this image is hiding a kind population with children whose smile expresses their joy of living. This small village was chosen by the « Carrefour International des Randonneur » association of Togo (CIR Togo) to organize in association with scouts from France, a school support of 21 days that came to an end on Friday, 15th August in a festive atmosphere in the presence of the local authorities.

On the whole, 175 children from primary and secondary schools of the Kpato village participated in the summer courses organized by the CIR-Togo and the scout volunteers from France. The initiative allowed the participants not only to be update for the next academic year but also to take advantage as every child, from holiday playful activities. Percussion, dance and scouting sessions filled afternoons of these children who were very satisfied.

Last Friday, they were all present for the closing ceremony marked by giving the results. The suspense was long. In spite of the festive atmosphere (song and dance), anxieties, difficult to hide, were noticeable over faces for a very good reason that the French scouts have in their suitcases, hundreds of school items to be offered.

No harm done, after a lunch gracefully offered, all the pupils present on the Kpato secondary school yard were entitled to various school kits (exercise books, geometrical kits, erasers, rulers). The scouts from France also offered to the school of the village several dozens of books and other didactic items.

The scouts from the village too benefited from the generosity of their French colleagues. They received balls (football and tennis ball) as well as ropes for their scouting activities.

In his speech, Codjie Koffigan, the chairman of CIR-Togo invited the beneficiaries to make a good use of items they received. Mr. Moussa Hybrahim, director of the secondary school of the village as well as the chief of the village expressed their gratitude towards the action from the scouts from France (Camille Villain, Valentin klar, Pierre Hedon and Gaspard Nougaret) and from CIR-Togo.

Mr. Moussa Hybrahim, the director, seized the occasion to raise problems he is confronted with. He asked givers to help him with the building of a real school structure. Indeed, the school of Kpato is an initiative from villagers. It is composed of 4 straw classrooms exposing pupils to climatic changes (dusty winds, rains) and many more (bite of snake…).


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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