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BIMOD 228: the charm of an event, a foil of Africa

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It is the most exceptional expected meeting of fashion arts and talents every two years in Lomé. And it is back with the act 4 signed by « Bamondi« .

The Biennial Fashion event of Togo (BIMOD 228) is held this year from 17th October till 17th November 2014 under the theme: « From a generation to another: the shared excellence« .

This 4th edition coincides with the celebration of 30 years career of the promoter of the event, Blandine Sambiani-Bagnah.

No major modifications in the chronogram of the activities: training workshops, fashion shows, musical show and awards delivery.

Kindly note that this meeting will get the participation of 20 fashion designers and 50 national and international models.

According to the promoter, « in a world where fashion is more a foil for Africa, BIMOD 228 is conveying a real message of optimism at diverse levels« .

« And this 4th edition is especially considered as a firework of this end of year« , asserts Mrs Sambiani-Bagnah.

For this former trainee at Christian Dior, two ideas constitute the background of BIMOD 228.

The idea is first of all to offer a framework of expression, exchanges and skills fertilization to famous fashion designers and stylists thanks to Residence-workshops, fashion shows, exhibitions, round table.

Then, « the ambition to make of this event a real promotion showcase of Togo and stand out over times as a major meeting of arts fashion in the West African sub-region« .

Expressing herself on the choice of the theme, Mrs Sambiani-Bagnah suggested that the shared excellent notion is connected to the celebration of the jubilee Pearl career of Bamondi.

It is an opportunity of experience exchange between the new generation and the elders.

Blandine Sambiani-Bangnah participated in several international events in Africa and in Paris.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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