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Health: traditional medicine in Ivory Coast, a model for the sub-region.

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In Ivory Coast traditional practitioners are no more considered as charlatans in several countries of Africa. Since one month, a new pavilion open at the Teaching Hospital of Treichville has accommodated doctors (of conventional medicine) and traditional practitioners who are working in collaboration. This established confidence is the fruit of good organization of traditional medicine sector in Ivory Coast; an example that forces admiration from nearby countries.

The National Program for Promotion of Traditional Medicine (PNPMT) took a serious option on its neighbors of the sub-region. Thanks to the works of the ethno-botanist Laurent Aké Assi, died on 14th January 2014, 1421 medical plants species occurring in traditional medicine are listed. Some of these plants are used in the manufacturing of medicine authorized and sold in pharmacy.

According to Kroa Ehoulé director of PNPMT, questioned by, five million sick people are followed and treated every year by traditional practitioners. For the latter, there is no competition between traditional medicine and conventional medicine. Indeed, according to figures published by Ivory Coast Ministry of Health, Ivory Coast has a doctor for 9 000 inhabitants. The traditional practitioners, who are 8500 in total shared in 12 regions of the country, represent a major support regarding health.

For a better organization of the sector, PNPMT worked out the TPS, software helping to identify actors of traditional medicine in Ivory Coast. This tool which will be popularized in West Africa is fascinating Ivory Coast members of Parliament. « If we are better informed, we can make concrete proposals and bring our colleagues to adopt laws concerning practice of traditional medicine in Ivory Coast », declared laha Clarisse Kayo, president of commission science, research, technology and environment of Ivory Coast National Assembly.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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