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Handi Talent: developing talent in handicapped persons in Burkina

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People living with a handicap have potential in the domains of art and the craft industry and intend to value it on the occasion of the « Handi Talent » Festival.

A great meeting, the first of this kind, held from the next 25th to 28th February in Pô in the south center of Burkina Faso.

The initiative comes from the Claire-Vision Association managed by the artist musician, Reine Akoandambou.

« The festival will gather more than one thousand participating handicapped or valid persons from Burkina Faso and the sub-region. It will create an environment of meeting, exchange and awareness from the handicapped persons« , indicated the chairman of the association.

The festival is placed under the theme: « From deficiency to efficiency: overcome ravages and gain confidence« .

On the agenda of the activities registered in the program of this cultural meeting, it is planned presentations by artistic and cultural groups and a conference concerning the theme « Contribution of arts and craft industry to the improvement of the living conditions of the handicapped persons in Burkina Faso« .

It is also planned in the village of the festival, cultural and craft exhibitions, workshops for training and initiation to cultural expressions of the young people during the period of the festival that also plans quizzes for the school boys and girls and an excursion called « Nahouri discovery« .

Living herself with a handicap but succeeded in organizing this festival, Reine Akoandambou is convinced that « it shows that we can also give the best in ourselves« .

Created in 2004, the Claire-Vision Association has for objective: the creation of an environment for experience exchange, information and communication and also the strategies for the promotion of the handicapped people.

Besides, it aims at offering an individual and collective autonomy on the social, moral and economic plan and allowing a better social integration for the handicapped person living in Pô.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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