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Salaries of African Heads of state revealed! 19 765 euros for Jacob Zuma! 200 euros for Paul Biya!

How much can an African Head of state can then well earn? “Jeune Afrique” magazine has just realized a very great instructive investigation: who is the best paid? The most favored? The better accomodated? Answers with our interactive map. Here is the comment of the site: « Attacking salaries and official …

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Yasmina Khadra: the literary man who is pretending to be the future president of Algeria!

« It is official; I am candidate for presidential election of 2014! » He surprised everybody by announcing that he would be candidate for the next Algerian presidential election which will take place in 2014. His readership knew that he is fan of politics but not to the extent of being candidate! …

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Africa Buzz Sports: African sport has its program on “Télé Sud”! – Video

Here is the sports program that was missing, Africa Buzz Sports! It was launched on Friday, November 8th, 2013 by Africa Top The program is entitled Africa buzz Sports. It is coproduced with “Les Dépêches de Brazzaville” broadcast on “Télé Sud « . It is repeated on “Télé Sud” on Sunday …

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Facebook is celebrating its 10 years: Africa, the main growth driver for the social network!

10 years already! Facebook saw the light of day on February 4th, 2004. The success of this social network is purely amazing: we count today more than 1, 12 billion users in the world. The group has just published an annual net profit of 1, 5 billion dollars (1, 1 …

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Anes Tina: the Algerian king of Podcast! His call for the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika!

[youtube][/youtube]On the web, Anes Tina, 24 years old, is a real phenomenon. He is presented as king of videos. He has a Master’s degree in management; he passes messages to young people who talk about politics and education, always funnily. His last thunder crashing was addressed to Algerian president Abdelaziz …

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Anas Sefrioui: a self-thaught Moroccan, the king of the real estate development!

Anas Sefrioui was born on May 16th, 1957 in Fez. This Moroccan businessman is the chairman of a real estate Group promotion, Addoha Douja Promotion. His fortune was estimated about 1, 6 billion dollars in 2012 by Forbes magazine. An exceptional performance for this self-taught person. He stopped his studies …

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Khadija Ryadi: tireless activist for human rights honored by the United Nations

She is a tireless advocate for human rights. And for all her actions, the Moroccan tenacious militant, Khadija Ryadi was honored by the United Nations on December 10, for her commendable fight. She could not hide her emotion after being bestowed the award in New York. [youtube][/youtube] “Receiving the 2013 …

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