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Accueil / Congo: «Feux de Brazza» back with innovations

Congo: «Feux de Brazza» back with innovations

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The fifth edition of the popular and international Festival of traditional musics »Feux de Brazza » will be held from 2nd to 8th August 2014 in the Congolese capital town. After the 2012missed meeting, the organizers are working twice as hard in order to fill the expectation of the public. In order to assure the transport of the foreign participants, the festival has just signed a partnership with the airline company, Équatorial Congo Airlines.

Hugues Gervais Ondaye, the executive director of popular and international Festival of traditional musics »Feux de Brazza« , already announced that the fifth edition of the festival is within the framework of the development program of the musical sector in Africa and will benefit from the support of the European Union.

Negotiations are also in progress to register the event in the diary of the UNESCO. « We also requested that Unesco integrates the Feux de Brazza festival into its diary. The initiatives are in progress and we are thus going to send an application request so that by then, Feux de Brazza has the status a non-governmental organization, partner of the Unesco« , specified Gervais Ondaye.

Just like during the last edition, the International Center of Research and Documentation on Traditions and African Languages (CERDOTOLA) will take part in the event with colloquiums. The theme chosen for this edition is problematic of « The African musical instrument and its role in the world music ». In 2010, the center edified festival-goers on the theme: « Traditional Music (s) of Africa: The link between generations. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO