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Erick Kristal: the Beninese artist at war against the «destroyers of Africa»

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After several years spent in Italy, the Beninese reggae man, Erick Kristal is finally back on his native land, Benin where he made his first steps to music.

This great return is marked by the release of a second album of 11 songs baptized « Ifè Ilé Africa » literally translated into English by « Africa, house of love« .

By a revolutionary tone with conscious and hard-hitting messages, the artist attacks the « destroyers of Africa« , referring to the West that, according to him, « is plundering Africa by unhealthy behavior« .

« They come to disturb the peace of populations in peace and love, then later, they come to play to fire fighters in order to better embezzle our wealth« , declared Erick Kristal.

Through « Ifè Ilé Africa« , the key song of the album represents for the Beninese artist, « a cry for war » against the West that « dispossesses Africa of its wealth while pretending to support it« .

He is then calling on these destroyers of Africa « to stay at home and let African peoples live in peace that characterizes them« .

On this album, Erick Kristal also denounced the « cybercrime » phenomenon that henceforth is taking possession of the youth. Love, woman also find their place on this opus.

Born in Covè in the Zou district, Erick Kristal grew up in Porto-Novo where he collaborated with several bands of which the one of Rico’s Campos before going to assert his professional skills of IT specialist and programmer in an Italian company.

He won several awards among which the Prize for the Best singer and the Best music style of the Emilia Romagna region in Italy, prize won on 5th August 2005.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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