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Accueil / Morocco: winner of two prizes at Intel-Science competition in Doha

Morocco: winner of two prizes at Intel-Science competition in Doha

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Last Tuesday, Moroccan pupils participated in Intel-Science competition in Doha, Qatar.

At the end, Morocco came out with two prizes, particularly in the field of modern technologies, administration and social sciences.

Ahmed Amrani and Dounia Jaoui (17 years old), two young volunteers in an organization for blind persons in Morocco, thus won the prize of modern technologies for their project entitled « the intelligent stick« , project conceived with the aim of « facilitating the movement of blind persons« .

Houda Beldi and Zaineb Anaamaoui (17 years) won for their part, the prize of administration and social sciences.

This, for their project baptized « e-mail box » that aims at strengthening the safety of electronic mail.

But the final coronation went to Lebanon that won the first prize through a collective project that allows « keeping the freshness of cars parked under the sun by benefiting from solar energy« .

The second and the third positions of the competition came respectively to the groups of Saudi pupils with a « medical study« , and Tunisians pupils in the field of « computing« .

As reminder, apart from 90 other young pupils from 11 countries with a total of 66 individual and collective projects, ten Moroccan pupils also participated in this competition.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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